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While on vacation in the Bahamas, Splendid Marketing LTD ( employee persuaded me to attend a timeshare information session with a compensation of $100.00 and free breakfast just to listen to what they were offering. I was on my honeymoon with my wife and saw it as a great opportunity to learn more about becoming a member of the Advantage Program (

By joining the advantage program, members would receivegreat discounts to five-star resorts and affordable prices for first class airline tickets. Being a frequent traveler, of course this was enticing to me and my wife. In addition to the great discounts, we were offered a free cruise for 7 nights if we joined that same day! Knowing that my wife and I love to travel and have a goal to travel all overworld, this would mean great savings for us—so of coursewe signed up for the program.

We were asked to give a deposit of $1500 to Splendid Marketing and we paid with our PayPal credit card. Splendid Marketing employee informed us that the Advantage Program company would be sending us our membership package and monthly payment information once they received all our information from Splendid marketing. We paid our initiation fee on August 24th and as of today December 4th we have not heard anything nor received any mail from the Advantage Program membership. After never hearing from anyone, I’ve tried contacting Splendid Marketing LTD via phone at all numbers they provided which have all been disconnected.

I also emailed themand the same for the email addresses they provided me. Then the next best thing to do was to call the Advantage Program company and ask to see if Splendid Marketing was affiliated to them and I was told by a representative that they were. I explained to the Advantage Program representative about my payment made to Splendid Marketing to join their program but that I had NOT been provided any membership after four months. I detailed all that was promised by Splendid Marketing through a written contract.

The Advantage Program representative then searched to see if there was any record of mymembership and there was no record of my payment intheir system. Three different Splendid Marketing representatives assured me they would investigate my dilemma by contacting Splendid Marketing nobody has returned my calls nor followed up with the fraud investigation. If a company is affiliated with Advantage Program and become a victim of a scam, it would be in the best interest of the Advantage Program to protect their business and reputation by assisting their new members. I was very frustrated at this point and did not want to be a member of Advantage Program that had very bad customer service.

At this point I just wanted my deposit back. I paid my membership with the understanding that there would be a legal binding contract stipulating my membership and the deposit. The contract has been breached where it states what they promised and it has NOT been delivered. I have been given the runaround by both companies and it just seems like both companies are FRAUDULENT.

Everyone, BEWARE!

Enjoy your vacations but stay away from all marketing scams. Garcia-Bravo, Marco A.

Product or Service Mentioned: Splendid Marketing Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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This is a scam, I'm out 3,000!

to LP #1493949

DONT GIVE UP!!! write reviews


Same thing seems to be happening to us. This is infuriating.

Have you done anything about this? These *** need to be taken to court and sued.

to Kelly #1493944

Yes, by posting these type of reviews plus contacting the Advantage Program telling them that they are affiliated which they are the Advantage Program contact them and they finally called back and returned our money back which was after more than 6 months but we got our money back DONT GIVE UP!!!

to mgarcdesign #1553092

I am in the same boat, out $6k. Advantage says they're not able to assist as they never received a registration package from Splendid Marketing.

I continue to contact Joshua and his staff at Splendid for a refund, but no responses from anyone. What steps did you take to obtain your refund?

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